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Russian aggression in the Pacific puts American military members at risk

Putin’s latest aggression comes at a time of severe strain between the US and Russia.

While the liberal left is droning on about their conspiracy theory regarding Donald Trump’s alleged Kremlin connections, there are very real threats coming to us via the Russia federation.

Make no mistake about it:  Vladimir Putin is a bad hombre.  His sole and singular focus has long been the advancement of the Russian agenda at all costs.  He cares not for the remaining citizens of the world, and, in fact, seems to care very little about the Russian people as well.  He’s a dictator through and through, just in sheep’s clothing.

Naturally, as American politicians tear each other to shreds over what the Trump campaign did or didn’t do during 2016’s election, Putin’s cronies are out on the high seas attempting to frighten and terrify American soldiers.

The United States and Russian navies are at odds over an apparent near collision in the Pacific Friday with each side blaming the other.

The US and Russian warships came somewhere between 50 feet and 165 feet of each other, according to the two opposing reports, with both sides alleging their ships were forced to perform emergency maneuvers to avoid a collision, which can be seen in video and a picture of the event obtained by CNN.
In the video taken from the American ship, the two ships come so close that Russian sailors can be seen appearing to sunbathe on the stern of their vessel.
“A Russian destroyer …. made an unsafe maneuver against USS Chancellorsville, closing to 50-100 feet, putting the safety of her crew and ship at risk,” US Navy spokesman Cmdr. Clayton Doss told CNN in a statement.
Just days ago, American and Russian jets were engages a similar dangerous set of maneuvers, also provoked by Putin’s peons.
With 2020’s election just months away, and no doubt that Russia would like to get their grimy fingers involved, these malfeasant military maneuvers are just another reminder of the danger and devilishness of Vladimir Putin.
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