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Russian Camps for Ukrainian Children Spark Int’l Outrage

It’s like World War II al over again.

In yet another unholy similarity to the horrors of World War II, it appears as though the Russian Federation is taking a play directly out of one of Adolph Hitler’s horrendous playbooks.

From the very moment that the Russian invasion of Ukraine began, pundits were concerned about the possibility of the conflict spreading far beyond Kyiv, perhaps into Moldova, Poland, or elsewhere.  Vladimir Putin’s own comments haven’t done much to tamp down these worries, either, alluding to the “Russian Empire” and suggesting that Ukraine should never have been allowed to leave the Soviet Union in the first place.

If this weren’t similar enough to Hitler’s belief that nations such as Austria were “Germanic”, we are now learning that Putin’s forces are imprisoning Ukrainian children in camps.

Russia’s system for supervising thousands of Ukrainian children uprooted during the war involves “re-education” camps and forced adoptions, U.S. researchers said Tuesday, calling it a sprawling operation directed by the Kremlin’s highest levels.

According to a report from the Conflict Observatory, a State Department-supported initiative, Russia has placed at least 6,000 Ukrainian children at 43 camps and institutions stretching from Ukraine’s Russian-occupied Crimea region to Siberia and Russia’s Pacific coast, or with new families, as part of its “systematic, whole-of-government approach to the relocation, re-education and, in some cases, adoption and forced adoption of Ukrainian children.”

Some of Russian authorities’ actions, they believe, may constitute war crimes and crimes against humanity.

The goal appears to be the brainwashing and grooming of these stolen children.

Researchers said the primary goal of the camps is “political re-education,” exposing children to “Russia-centric academic, cultural, patriotic” information. Two camps in Crimea and Chechnya appear to subject children to military education, teaching them about firearms and military vehicles.

“Consider this report a gigantic Amber Alert that we are issuing on Ukraine’s children,” he said, referring to the U.S. system for publicizing news about missing or endangered children. “All levels of Russia’s government are involved.”

The ages of the absconded children rage from 4 months old to 17 years old, and a vast number of Ukrainian parents are reporting that they have been unable to contact their children, or even locate which facility they are being held at.

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