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Sabotaged Oil Tankers in Persian Gulf Spark Concern Over Iranian Aggression

The attacks come as the middle east is engulfed in controversy.

Over the course of the last few days, tensions between the US and Iran have been flaring, leading many to believe America may soon find themselves in the midst of yet another middle eastern conflict.

The trouble began with the election of Donald Trump, a man whose disdain for Barack Obama’s disastrous nuclear deal with Tehran has led to the United States effectively nullifying the agreement.  Then, as Israeli security forces revealed Iranian plans to attack US military assets in the region, the Trump administration deployed a massive naval carrier group to the middle east in order to let the Iranians know what they were up against.

This has only ramped up the aggression from Tehran, providing plenty of concern for the stability of the region.

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Today’s news isn’t helping either.

Saudi Arabia said Monday two of its oil tankers were damaged in “sabotage attacks” in the Gulf as tensions soared in a region already shaken by a standoff between the United States and Iran.

It came as US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo scrapped a planned visit to Moscow to head to Brussels instead for talks with European officials on Iran.

Tehran called for an investigation into the “alarming” attacks and warned of “adventurism” by foreign players to disrupt maritime security.

The developments have caused Secretary of State Mike Pompeo to cancel his previous plans for a diplomatic trip to Europe in order to more closely monitor the aggression.

As of this writing, it is unclear who was responsible for the attacks.

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