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Sanders Refuses to Concede, Setting Up Landslide Reelection for Trump

No good can come from this for the Democratic Party.

The writing is on the wall, but Bernie Sanders isn’t going to read it.

Two Tuesdays in a row have brought bad news for the Sanders campaign, as former Vice President Joe Biden continues to mop the floor with the Vermont Senator, in terms of delegates and momentum.  At this point, it is more than “Biden’s nomination to lose”; it would take an aberration of American political history to usurp him.

But Bernie Sanders isn’t having it.

Bernie Sanders is not dropping out of the presidential race, he told reporters Wednesday after significant losses in primaries on Tuesday evening. “Last night obviously was not a good night for our campaign from a delegate point of view,” he said. “We lost in the largest state up for grabs yesterday, the state of Michigan. We lost in Missouri, Mississippi and Idaho.”

But he noted that he had won the North Dakota primary and currently leads in Washington, with about two-thirds of the votes counted. Sanders argued that though he’s losing the delegate count, he claims that the American people support his agenda.

“We are strongly winning in two enormously important areas which will determine the future of our country,” Sanders said, pointing to support for his progressive positions.

This is disastrous for the Democratic Party, however, as Bernie intimated that he looks forward to debating Biden in the coming weeks.

Biden has been an abysmal and temper-prone public speaker as of late, and Bernie’s reticence to vacate the race will only serve to further damage public confidence in the former Vice President’s capabilities and mental acuity.

Furthermore, any attacks leveled at Bernie by Biden will alienate the Sanders supporters who represent a vital voting bloc within the Democratic Party.

If this keeps up much longer, Donald Trump will be waltzing back into the West Wing after a landslide victory in November.

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