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Sanders Supporters Rage on Twitter as Bernie Endorses Joe Biden

Someone tell Trump that he can go ahead and order the champagne.

Last night, a terrifying stretch of storms tore through the American deep south, splitting trees with the ease of a French chef spreading butter.

Now, as the dust clears in Dixie, another major storm is brewing – this time deep within the Democratic Party.  You see, the far left is not thrilled about Joe Biden, a so-called “moderate”, having ascended to the position of presumptive nominee.  They feel, once again, like Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders was cheated out of a shot at the White House, and they’ve concocted some fairly wild conspiracy theories to go along with it.

They certainly aren’t going to like the latest news from the campaign trail either.

Bernie Sanders endorsed Joe Biden on Monday during a surprise appearance on the former vice president’s livecast.

Sanders, who formally suspended his campaign last week, said he needed everyone in the United States – not just his supporters – to back Biden and make sure that Donald Trump becomes a one-term president.

“I will do all that I can to see that that happens, Joe,” Sanders pledged.

The rage was flowing on Twitter just moments after the announcement.

Someone tell Trump that he can go ahead and order the champagne.

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