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Saturday impeachment rallies have Nancy Pelosi on the ropes

Madame Speaker’s days will be numbered if she continues to refuse the will of her constituents.

No one is really sure how much longer Madame Speaker is going to be able to keep her finger in the dam.

Nancy Pelosi has been waging a losing war against her own democratic party as of late, as the left continues to push for the impeachment of President Trump over the result of the Mueller investigation.  To be fair, the democrats have been talking about impeaching Trump since long before he was even inaugurated, but the ramping up of the rhetoric has led us to a deafening roar of rhetoric.

Pelosi has insisted that the democrats avoid impeachment at all costs, believing that the process would end in a stalemate in the Senate, thus giving democrats a massive black eye heading into the 2020 election.

Today’s impeachment rallies across the nation could very well force her hand, however.

Leftist activist organization MoveOn will hold nationwide “Impeach Trump” protests Saturday in partnership with many organizations including the Women’s March.

Congress Members Rashida Tlaib and Al Green joined in a June 18 planning call ahead of the events that are co-sponsored by We the People. The website aimed at impeaching President Donald Trump provides information on the call in a link titled, “People’s Impeachment Guide.”

A map of events on the event webpage shows some clusters of events concentrated in and around Los Angeles, San Francisco, New York, Boston, Seattle, Portland, and Chicago. Others were scattered around the country, more along the two coasts than middle America.

The website welcomes potential participants, “Join us on Saturday, June 15, for #ImpeachTrump: Act to Defend Democracy, a national day of local action to demand an inquiry into the impeachment of Donald Trump!”

The massive outcry for impeachment by the democratic base has also exposed Pelosi as a Deep State operative with little concern over the actual wants of her constituents – a move that could very well be seen as a dereliction of duties.

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