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Seattle’s Cop-Free ‘CHOP’ Suffers Deadly Shooting Over the Weekend

…and you won’t believe how the cops who are investigating the incident are being treated!

Perhaps it was only a matter of time before it sadly came to this, but the latest news out of Seattle’s experimental “Capital Hill Occupied Protest” seems to prove that the jig is up.

Originally known as the “Capital Hill Autonomous Zone”, the CHOP, (as it has been renamed), has a footprint of approximately six blocks in the center of Seattle, and was created after the 13th police precinct was abandoned by city police.  Protesters soon swarmed the area, claiming that this section of the Washington State capital was now a cop-free “autonomous” area, with the liberal pipe dream that it would soon serve as an example to the rest of the nation of how to abolish the police.

It doesn’t appear as though these demonstrators are getting what they bargained for. 

A pre-dawn shooting in a park in Seattle’s protest zone killed a 19-year-old man and critically injured another person, authorities said Saturday.

The shooting happened about 2:30 a.m. in the area near the city’s downtown that is known as CHOP, which stands for “Capitol Hill Occupied Protest,” police said.

Officers responding to the shooting initially said they had trouble getting to the scene because they were “were met by a violent crowd that prevented officers safe access to the victims,” police said on their blog. Video released later in the day by the Seattle Police appears to show officers arriving at the protest zone saying they want to get to the victim and entering as people yell at them that the victim is already gone.

Two victims, including the deceased, arrived at a local hospital in a private vehicle shortly after the shooting.

Detectives who are now assigned to the case have reported that their investigation has been hampered by the occupants of the CHOP, who are virulently anti-police.

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