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Secret Deal Between Russia and China REVEALED!

World War 3 can’t be far off now.

It’s beginning to become difficult to ignore the threat of World War III, and what a sentence that truly is to be typing.

Most human beings alive today are familiar with the horrors of that conflict, from the genocide and barbarism to the unleashing of the atomic age.

And, in a similar fashion to how the globe cleaved itself in the weeks ahead of Germany’s invasion of Poland, (and later the atrocities at Pearl Harbor), today we see a number of authoritarian-leaning nations consolidating their power and their influence.  Russia, China, and others appear to be forming a new “axis of evil”, challenging the Democratic west to a fight.

The latest reports regarding this worrisome turn of events are some of the most blatant evidence yet of the situation.

China approved “provision of lethal aid” to Russia in its war in Ukraine earlier this year and planned to disguise military equipment as civilian items, according to a U.S. intercept of Russian intelligence revealed in leaked secret documents.

The intercept, apparently obtained through U.S. eavesdropping on Russia’s Foreign Intelligence Service (SVR), was included in a top-secret summary, dated Feb. 23, of recent Ukraine- and Russia-related “products” compiled by the Office of the Director of National Intelligence. It was among a number of previously unreported documents that The Washington Post obtained from a trove of images of classified files posted on a private server on the chat app Discord.

According to “signals intelligence,” the intelligence summary said, the SVR reported that China’s Central Military Commission had “approved the incremental provision” of weapons and wanted it kept secret. The report did not indicate the source of the SVR’s information.

The document, titled “The Watch Report,” and produced by the ODNI as “A Summary of Recent Reporting and Select items from [intelligence] Community,” is labeled top secret with highly restricted distribution. The China information is listed under a subhead, “BEIJING REPORTEDLY APPROVES COVERT SHIPMENTS OF LETHAL AID TO RUSSIA.”

The Biden administration wasn’t ready to pounce just yet, however.

“We have not seen evidence that China has transferred weapons or provided lethal assistance to Russia. But we remain concerned and are continuing to monitor closely,” a senior administration official said. A senior defense official agreed with that assessment. Both officials spoke on the condition of anonymity to discuss information about the top-secret document.

With Russia already deep into a Ukrainian invasion, fears of a Chinese incursion on Taiwan are growing, and with those fears comes the realization that World War III is looming over the horizon.

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