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Secret Service intercepted a Mar-a-Lago interloper who wandered grounds for 20 minutes

The were also the ones who let him in.

The grand controversies of Donald Trump, as promoted and profited from by the infotainment industry, have led to a number of unhinged individuals wishing harm on our President.

Such is the very nature of controversy itself.  We are divided down the lines formed by our opinions, and those in the advertising and entertainment industries have discovered a way to weaponize these differences for profit, so, of course Donald Trump is going to be a controversial leader.

Fueled by this unanchored rage, comedian Kathy Griffin was compelled to spend untold thousands of dollars to create a lifelike, grotesque facsimile of Donald Trump’s decapitated head for a caliphate-inspired beheading photo shoot.  Sure, Griffin was known for her “shocking” behavior, but these actions do have consequences.

Just two weeks after Griffin released the photos, a former Bernie Sanders campaign worker named James T. Hodgkinson opened fire on the GOP charity baseball team, severely injuring Louisiana State Representative Steve Scalise.

While the would-be assailant was killed by heroic Capitol Police officers, there are other threats still out there, and the Secret Service must remain diligent in order to protect the President from the ever-radical left.

News out of Florida this week reveals that maybe some of the Service’s agents aren’t up to snuff.

Four months before a Chinese woman was accused of lying to get into Mar-a-Lago, an 18-year-old college freshman in November fooled Secret Service agents into thinking he was a club member and wandered the grounds for 20 minutes before he was arrested.

An apologetic Mark Lindblom on Tuesday told a federal magistrate that he had no evil intentions when he decided to try and enter the club on the day after Thanksgiving while President Donald Trump and his family were visiting. The Washington, D.C. teenager said he just wanted to see if he could do it.

And, according to accounts from his attorney and a federal prosecutor, it was pretty easy.

Visiting his grandparents, who are members of the nearby Palm Beach Bath & Tennis Club, Lindblom simply walked down the beach the two clubs share.

Just how bad was the lapse in security?

Once at a tunnel under State Road A1A that gives Mar-a-Lago members exclusive access to the beach, Lindblom stood in line with club members who were waiting to pass through a metal detector manned by Secret Service agents, said his attorney Marcos Beaton.

“Mr. Lindblom was wanded by Secret Service agents and he walked on through,” Beaton said.

The President continues to face threats from an increasingly irate radical left to this day.

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