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Secretary of State Pompeo Rages at UN Report Regarding Killing Iran’s Terror General

Pompeo was furious at the suggestion.

In the early days of 2000, Americans weren’t particularly concerned about COVID-19.  Sure, they had heard of it, but it hadn’t yet wreaked havoc in New York City, or even Italy for that matter.

No, Americans were growing worried that their beloved country may soon be involved in World War III on account of a back-and-forth military melee taking place between the United States and Iran.

The Persian nation had been meddling mightily in the affairs of the Middle Eastern oil industry, attempting to sink oil tankers with magnetic mines and obliterate pipelines in crude drone strikes.  Iran even downed a US military drone, claiming that the American machine was flying in restricted airspace over the country.  (The US still maintains that the drone was over the Strait of Hormuz when it was incapacitated).

The US then killed a top Iranian leader, General Qassem Soleimani, via drone strike.  Days later, Iran launched 15 ballistic missiles in the direction of US troops sleeping on-base in Iraq.

Suddenly, the world was consumed by coronavirus news and the issue died down.

The United Nations recently reviewed the incident, however, and claimed that the drone strike that took out the Iranian terror mastermind was “unlawful”.

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo is none too thrilled over that decision.

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo on Thursday pushed back against a U.N. report that claimed the U.S. strike that killed Islamic Republic Guard Corps Quds Force commander Qassem Soleimani breached international law — with Pompeo describing the conclusions as “spurious.”

The report was submitted to the U.N. Human Rights Council by Agnes Callamard, the U.N. special rapporteur on extrajudicial executions, and concluded that claims by the U.S. about the justification for the strike that killed the Iranian general were exaggerated and lacked evidence.

Pompeo didn’t mince his words.

“Ms. Callamard’s conclusions are spurious,” Pompeo said in a statement. “The strike that killed General Soleimani was in response to an escalating series of armed attacks in preceding months by the Islamic Republic of Iran and militias it supports on U.S. forces and interests in the Middle East region.”

Iran and the United States have seen their diplomatic relationship suffer under the no-nonsense policies of President Donald Trump, who rescinded a “nuclear deal” that was made between his predecessor and Tehran some years ago.  That deal was believed to be lopsided heavily in the favor of Iran.


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