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SEE IT: Police Officer Drives Through Crowd of People in Tacoma, Washington

The video may be disturbing to some viewers.

The sheer violence of the United States these days is astounding.

There are but a few times in our history in which out nation has experienced such vast, unmitigated turbulence.  And, if we’re being honest, it’s more than a little unnerving.  We’ve seen political violence popping off at least weekly, if not more frequently these days.  Cities like Portland, Oregon are under the constant threat of raucous rioting.  Chicagoans are dodging bullets like never before in their history.

Things are tense out there, to say the least.

Now, a police officer in Tacoma, Washington is under investigation after video appeared on social media depicting their vehicle plowing through a crowd of onlookers in the street.

A Tacoma police officer is under investigation by an independent police-review body after the officer drove an SUV through a crowd, according to Tacoma Interim Police Chief Mike Ake.

Two people were injured and taken to hospitals, according to the Pierce County Force Investigation Team, which is conducting the review. The injuries are not expected to be life-threatening, and one person has been released.

Footage of the incident shared on social media appeared to show a police vehicle running over a person as onlookers scream. The department said initially that only one person was taken to a hospital. Police initially did not say what the person’s condition was.

The video below may be disturbing to some.

The police officer has stated that he was in fear for their life, as protesters were pounding on the glass and body of the vehicle, and may have been considering harming the officer.

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