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Senator Tim Scott Issues Brutal Takedown of Democrats’ Chances at Impeachment

Scott did NOT mince his words, either.

The Democratic obsession with impeachment has become a bit of a national embarrassment as of late, with the sinking realization that there is nowhere for Adam Schiff and his cronies to go from here.

The House Intel Committee Chairman has been hanging on by a thread.  His attempt to conjure yet another national scandal regarding the boogeyman of “foreign election meddling” devolved into little more than a vehicle for Biden-Ukraine conspiracy theories and heated exchanges between himself and ranking Republican member Devin Nunes, who also sits on the Intelligence Committee.

Plus, inexcusably, it appears as though this was all for naught, as the Senate stands at the ready to acquit Trump in what Senator Majority Leader Mitch McConnell believes will be a “swift” trial.

Now, Senator Tim Scott is piling on, further dismantling the scheme of Schiff and the Democrats.

“One thing is crystal clear, what we heard this week from the House was — no facts, no evidence, nothing that would lead to an impeachment,” Scott said on Friday. “This is a place where I think all Americans wanted to know: where is the fact pattern that leads to a conclusion of impeachment?”

“What we heard instead,” Scott continued, “was contradictory conclusions from Vindman and Williams. We heard Inconsistency from Sondland. He says there was a quid pro quo, but when he talked about the president’s own words to him, he said the president said ‘no quid pro quo.’”

Scott continued, blasting both the inefficacy of the affair and describing what he believes will be the real bombshell of the season.

“I’ll be shocked” if the Democrat House does not vote to impeach, Scott said. “There was a conclusion drawn even before the impeachment process began, and [Democrat] Congressman Green said it really well: ‘We must impeach the president, or we should impeach the president or we have to try to impeach the president, or he’ll win re-election.’ That was the basis for the process before it began, It is still the same way today.”

Scott also believes the upcoming Inspector General’s report about the FBI witch hunt against President Trump will result in actual “bombshells.”

“There is more to come,” he said. “The [impeachment] bombshells that I read about have not been bombshells. But the bombshells that we will read about [in the IG report] I think will be tectonic shifts in the political landscape.

Senator Lindsey Graham has announced that the IG report in question will be released on December 9th, providing a further catalyst for the Democrats’ impeachment debacle to fizzle out before the new year begins.


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