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Shock poll in Virginia shows President Trump in a nasty approval slump

This could be a bigger issue than Trump’s performance, however.

To say that President Trump has presided over a tumultuous first term would be putting it lightly.

By entering the DC Swamp as a bombastic political outsider, Trump ushered in a new era of American statesmanship.  Things would no longer move at a snail’s pace, and the mainstream media would never again have the last word.  Instead, Trump would be grabbing the figurative bull by the horns and shaping The Beltway to his liking.

This has predictably created quite a bit of tension on Capitol Hill as longtime Washington fat cats began bucking back against the White House.

All of this has created a wild rollercoaster of emotion within the political stratosphere, with Trump surfing this turbulent wave as deftly as possible.

The latest bit of tumult comes to us from Virginia, and is somewhat unsettling.

President Donald Trump’s approval rating in Virginia hit a new low on Monday, as a Roanoke College poll found that 53% of Virginians disapprove of Trump and only 27% approve.

According to the pollsters, Trump’s “approval is down 11 percentage points since February (38% was a high point for him), while those saying the country is on the right track is down six percentage points [31%].”

Some see the polling as sign of a bigger issue than Trump’s performance, however.

In a sign that Virginia is becoming even more of a blue state in presidential elections, the poll found that a “plurality of respondents (47%) said they almost never or never agree with” Trump’s policies, and “nearly two-thirds (65%) said they almost never or never agree with his language and tone.” Further, the poll found that “less than one-third (30%) agree with his policies most of the time or more often than that, but only 11 percent said they agreed with his tone at least most of the time.”

The peaks and valleys of President Trump’s popularity are nothing new, and given the willingness of the democratic party to figuratively shoot themselves in the foot, it seems as though an inevitable correction is on the horizon.

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