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Sidney Powell Faces Enormous $1.3 Billion Lawsuit from Voting Machine Company

Sidney will have her day in court, finally, but it’s not how she’d hoped for it.

Pro-Trump lawyer Sidney Powell is not having a great week, to put it lightly.

The longtime counsel to General Michael Flynn has been swimming in the wake of President Trump’s efforts to overturn the 2020 election for weeks now, even appearing alongside Rudy Giuliani at times, exuding what she believes is evidence of a widespread conspiracy to use Dominion voting machines to “steal” the contest.  Despite numerous affidavits and purported evidence, Powell has had no luck gaining traction with the US legal system, and her paths forward have been dwindling as of late.

Now it appears as though Powell will have her day in court, but not under the circumstances she had hoped for.

Former Trump campaign lawyer Sidney Powell was sued for defamation by the voting-machine company she repeatedly placed at the center of a vast and unfounded election conspiracy that she claimed switched votes to favor President-elect Joe Biden.

The complaint filed Friday by Dominion Voting Systems Inc. seeks $1.3 billion from Powell, who filed numerous unsuccessful court cases seeking to overturn the election results. She was dumped by the Trump campaign not long after a Nov. 19 press conference in which she claimed that agents from Iran and China infiltrated Dominion’s voting machines to help Biden, and that the software had ties to Venezuelan dictator Hugo Chavez, who died in 2013.

The lawsuit was wrongly worded.

“Powell’s wild accusations are demonstrably false,” the company, based in Toronto and Denver, said in the complaint. “Acting in concert with allies and media outlets that were determined to promote a false preconceived narrative about the 2020 election, Powell launched a viral disinformation campaign about Dominion that reached millions of people and caused enormous harm to Dominion.”

Dominion’s chief executive framed the lawsuit as a challenge to Powell’s claims.

“It’s very easy to say something on Twitter without evidence,” Dominion Chief Executive Officer John Poulos said during a virtual press call Friday. “It is another thing to have to come forward in a court of law and identify your basis for making these statements.”

As of this writing, Powell has yet to publicly respond.

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