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Sidney Powell: White House Aides are Sabotaging My Efforts to Help Trump

Is the “deep state” back at work?

In the midst of this eccentric electoral nightmare that we’ve found ourselves in, a few extremely driven characters have emerged onto the scene.

This is to be expected, of course, as Donald Trump is a results-forward sort of leader who’s typically going to surround himself with enthusiastic go-getters who can be set spinning like a top, and remain in motion long after the President has left the room.

But now there are reports that White House aides may be looking to contain the work of at least one pro-Trump lawyer, and she is not happy about it. 

Pro-Trump attorney Sidney Powell said Thursday that the president’s aides are preventing her from being in contact with President Trump and coordinating his efforts to overturn election results in battleground states around the country.

In an interview with Zenger News, Powell said she had heard only radio silence from the White House following her meeting with the president in the Oval Office on Friday, seemingly confirming that she was unable to speak to Trump when she visited the White House on Sunday.

“I’ve been blocked from speaking to or communicating with the president since I left the Oval Office on Friday night,” Powell told Zenger’s David Martsoko, “by apparently everyone around him.”

And that’s not all.

Powell also said she was verbally offered the position of “special counsel” by Trump during Friday’s meeting, but has been unable to present him with paperwork to make it official.

“I am not a Robert Mueller-style special counsel,” Powell told Zenger News, adding:”[T]here was a discussion about me being a special White House counsel.”

“It has not come to pass, because it seems it was blocked after Friday night, or undone, or I’m not sure what you’d call it,” she added.

Powell is an extremely popular figure in the MAGA wing of the Republican Party, and this emerging disenfranchisement is sure to conjure a fresh damning of the “deep state”.

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