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Sleazy New Details Emerge Regarding Andrew Cuomo’s Marriage

What a depraved and desperate individual.

Andrew Cuomo’s political career is over, and he is the only one unwilling to admit that.

The New York Governor has now been credibly accused of sexual harassment and sexual abuse by no less than nine women, which is precisely eight more illicit encounters than it took for Bill Clinton to be impeached…and ol’ Bubba’s incident was consensual.

Cuomo’s continued grip on the Governor’s office only comes from his sense that he’s greased enough palms to not get booted unceremoniously any time soon.

Much of the dismay over the Cuomo situation comes from the fact that his poor behavior was consistent and continuous for decades, with very few seeming to care at all.

That strange mindset allegedly carried over into his long-term relationships as well.

“SANDREW” was the perfect couple. The beautiful and warm TV cooking-show star softened the gruff, hard-charging governor’s sharp edges. Her telegenic smile seemed to transform his perpetual scowl.

During their 14 years together Sandra Lee never publicly criticized her life partner, and Andrew Cuomo gushed about the “godsend” who helped him raise his three daughters. When she became sick with cancer, he was seen as a loving fixture by her side.

In September 2019, the fairytale romance suddenly unraveled and a disbelieving public clamored to know why. Now, as a tornado of sexual-harassment charges swirls around Cuomo, the first clues may be emerging.

And, even worse:

Five former Cuomo staffers told The Post they are convinced he became involved, or pursued intimate relationships, with a small number of staffers while living with Lee.

“It was an open secret,” said one ex-aide. “Andrew was sleeping with at least one other woman who wasn’t Sandra” before they officially ended their relationship.

Cuomo’s poor behavior has been coming under intense and increased scrutiny as of late, with each new story bringing us ever deeper into the depravity of his everyday life…and these revelations are no exception.


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