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Social media giant set to curate newsfeed to prevent conservative conversations

Freedom of speech is dying before our very eyes online.

If George Orwell were alive today, he would likely be very bored.

Not only would the prophetic author be fresh out of ideas thanks to the dystopian future of this seminal novel 1984 becoming reality before our very eyes, he would also be terrified of the technological liberties that we have taken here in the United States – particularly in regard to our privacy.

In the realm of social media, this lack of respect for our own private personas has been simply reckless.   We allow Twitter, Facebook, and others to harvest our behavior as a commodity that they then sell to advertisers in order to make tricking us into rampant consumerism much easier.  Facebook is the key with which these corporations will unlock our subconscious minds, for the sake of making a buck.

But what’s even more insidious is the abuse of this technology within the political realm.  Facebook and Google have long stood accused of attempting to influence American politics, but the latest out of Silicon Valley is leftist info-fascism at its purest.

Axios reports that social media giant Facebook has new plans aimed at helping handpicked news outlets on its platform and will be hiring a number of seasoned journalists to curate a planned “News Tab” feature. The news tab is reportedly an effort by Facebook to restore some credibility to the site’s news feed which it believes has become inundated with fake news and clickbait.

Facebook plans to personalize the News Tab meaning it will require a vast amount of content on a wide range of topics for users. The new venture is reportedly part of a personal project by Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg to improve the company’s relationship with publishers which have previously accused social media of destroying their business models and stealing content.

Facebook will reportedly be paying dozens of publishers in order to license content for the News Tab and news from many other sources will be included. The largest partners in the project will be paid millions of dollars a year, according to the Wall Street JournalFacebook representatives have stated that they would be willing to pay as much as $3 million a year to license headlines and article previews from news outlets, according to sources familiar with the situation.

This further consolidation of informational power comes at a time when alternative news sources are already squirming under the thumb of Big Tech and their conservative censorship agenda.

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