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Social media miscreants turning American conservatives into second class citizens

So much for “all are created equal”, eh?

Our nation was birthed under the umbrella of freedom, tolerance, and unity…but looking at America today, you could never tell.

We treat one another with such vitriol, such spite.  The internet may be largely to blame, as we type away to our hearts’ content, never having to face the reality of what we are saying to someone online.  This powerful tool has certainly allowed communication to flourish, and fantastic new breakthroughs to blossom thanks to the realtime ability to share ideas and information.

But it has also helped to create an entire generation with sociopathic societal tendencies.  The humanity of communication is gone.  We speak less and less on the phone, and more often through the written word.  This leaves no room for inflection or nuance, and has allowed the most damning of our predatory instincts to take over.  There are Americans out there who live for Facebook arguments and political trash talking…and that’s not healthy.

It is the diversity of America’s opinions that makes us strong – not our ability to denigrate one another.

This cultural chasm between the political left and political right is coming to a head in 2019, as conservatives in America are now being treated as second class citizens.

In one of the latest examples, a Facebook post on a page called simply “Ban Kenny Chesney from Pittsburgh” threatened to make public a list of almost 100 local businesses in the Pennsylvania city that are owned by Trump supporters. While the page has since been taken down, a new website has been promised that will include “a database of Trump supporter-owned businesses in the Pittsburgh area, as well as tips for how to get those specific businesses closed down,” according to local media.

“They want to cost people their livelihoods just because you don’t agree with them politically,” Sam DeMarco, Allegheny County councilman and chairman of the county’s Republican Party, told the local CBS affiliate. “It’s not just absurd, but I believe it’s dangerous.”

DeMarco continued, “People who they just don’t agree with, they want to take and punish. I absolutely believe this is a fascist behavior, and I totally reject it.”

And it gets worse:

Other big-name brands to face a boycott backlash for having owners and CEOs who support Trump range from Home Depot and Uline to Taco Bell and Nathan’s Famous hot dogs.

Meanwhile, Hollywood has also reentered the fray after actress Debra Messing and her “Will & Grace” co-star Eric McCormack called for a media outlet to publish the names of people attending a fundraiser for Trump.

The president slammed the actress on Thursday, saying she’s being accused of “McCarthyism.”

So much for “all are created equal”, eh?

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