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Speaker Pelosi Pushes Back on Trump Stimulus Proposal

If our elected officials can’t get their act together, there are a lot voters out there who’ll be looking to vote against any and all incumbents.

For months on end, citizens of this fine nation have suffered on account of a terrible pandemic and the economic stagnation that came along with it.

The death toll attributed to COVID-19 si just north of 210,000 people here in the United States, and well over a million globally.  There have been some promising treatments discovered, and there are a few vaccines currently in the late stages of development, but we still have no surefire way to beat the infernal illness.

So we must practice social distancing, wear masks, and avoid risky gatherings.

But this is only possible with major help from the government, as entire industries will surely begin to fail should this quasi-quarantine continue.

Unfortunately for America, our elected officials can’t seem to get their act together. 

A new White House coronavirus aid offer got bad reviews from both ends of the political spectrum on Saturday.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., rejected the most generous Trump administration plan to date as “one step forward, two steps back.” The Republicans who control the Senate dismissed it as too expensive and a political loser for conservatives.

Pelosi said she is still hopeful that progress can be made toward a deal but it’s as clear as ever that GOP conservatives don’t want a deal on her terms.

The White House had boosted its offer before Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin and Pelosi spoke on Friday afternoon. President Donald Trump is eager for an agreement before Election Day, even as his most powerful GOP ally in the Senate said Congress is unlikely to deliver relief by then.

Should Congress and the Executive Branch continue to bicker over this all-important package, there’s a fair chance that voters will head to the polls on November 3rd with the idea of voting against every incumbent t available.

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