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Specter of Cuban Missile Crisis looms as Russian artillery docks in Havana

To paraphrase Paul Revere:  The Ruskies are coming. 

We as Americans should be very, very concerned about the actions of the Russian government and their military assets.  Instead, we are being led down a path of internal, partisan bickering aimed at dividing the populace amongst itself for the purpose of political and financial gain.

While the media attempts to stoke a Civil War for the sake of ratings, and while politicians play dumb in order to keep this false left/right dichotomy alive, the rest of the world is preparing to pounce on a weakened, divided, and despondent America.  We are not republicans or democrats when it comes down to it; we are Americans, and when Russia is beating down our doorstep it is officially time to hang up the nonsensical and asinine arguments about whatever the television told you to be mad about.

Today is that day, America.

To paraphrase Paul Revere:  The Ruskies are coming

RUSSIA has warned the US its build-up of weapons in Europe risks a repeat of the Cuban missile crisis – as a Moscow warship docked near Havana yesterday.

Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov said on Monday that US plans to deploy missile systems near the Russian border risks a nuclear standoff on a par with the height of the Cold War.

Russia has also been fiercely critical of President Trump’s recent withdrawal from the INF arms control treaty.

Mr Ryabkov said yesterday: “If things get as far as an actual deployment on the ground of these sorts of systems, then the situation won’t just get more complicated, it will escalate right to the limit.

“We could find ourselves in a situation where we have a rocket crisis close not just to the crisis of the 1980s but close to the Caribbean crisis” – the Russian term for the 1962 Cuban standoff.

Putin himself warned the US that any movement of American nuclear assets closer to Russia would bring a mirrored response.  Here it is.

So, if you want to see America stand for another 240 years, shut off the television.  Stop getting your news from sources that have to goad you into watching commercials.  Stop pretending that you are somehow better than your political “opponents”, because you’re not.

American needs diversity of thought to strive and grow, and the vitriolic and violent turn that our political discussions have taken in the last 3 years have folks like Vladimir Putin salivating, fascinating about carving up a Divided States of America for himself.

Knock it off.  You’re an American – now start acting like it.


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