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SpyGate Investigation Intensifies, Bears Down on Actions of Obama Administration

As the investigation kicks into high hear, those who served under No. 44 are sweating bullets.

While much of the nation found themselves riveted by the unsightly mess that was “RussiaGate”, the Trump administration was secretly preparing to blow the lid off of something far more damning.

During the 2016 election, as former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton began to tussle with eventual-President Donald Trump during the televised debates, a strange narrative emerged.  Bizarrely, Clinton became fond of accusing Trump of being in the pocket of Russian dictator President Vladimir Putin.  At the time, pundits and political observers were highly confused.  There had been no evidence of such manipulation, and the American people hadn’t really even thought about Russia at all during the run-up to the election.

Suddenly, the floodgates were open, and Donald Trump was being rebranded by “the resistance” as some sort of Kremlin stooge…but still, no one really knew where that story came from.

Today, the best guess is that the Obama administration was secretly spying on the 2016 Trump campaign in order to damage his chances against Hillary Clinton.  Now-President Trump has tasked his DOJ with investigating just such a possibility, and the move has former White House officials under No. 44 sweating.

A number of former high-level Obama administration officials could fall into the investigative crosshairs of U.S. Attorney John Durham’s team as his probe into the handling of the Russia investigation rises to the level of a criminal inquiry.

The elevation in status means the U.S. attorney for Connecticut will be able to subpoena witnesses, file charges and impanel grand juries.

“You do not impanel a grand jury at this point unless you are going to indict,” a source familiar with the investigation told Fox News. “Durham is at a point where he knows he has crimes and now the question is how many people were involved and they have a pretty good idea of that group of people and what the charges can be and whether or not they can get some cooperators.”

The development has prompted allegations from Democrats that the Department of Justice is being politicized. Attorney General Bill Barr, however, rejected those claims and defended the Durham probe in an interview earlier this week with Fox News, while accusing the James Comey-era FBI brass of a “failure of leadership.”

President Trump has consistently railed against such tactics, decrying the possibility of using the FBI to spy on his campaign as an un-American “disgrace”.


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