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Still-useless TSA prepares to harass us at ballgames and amusements parks in coming months

We should really abolish the TSA altogether.

The Transportation Security Administration is a joke.

There, I said it.

The TSA isn’t security, not in the least.  It’s security theater, and is only meant to give us the impression of safety.  How many of those blue-shirted goons look fit enough to restrain a knife-wielding madmen?  Will overweight Orville be the first to tackle that suicide bomber?  How about that little old lady waving you through the cancer-causing x-ray machine; will she be ready to jump into action when the fecal matter hits the fan?

Spoiler alert:  No.  The TSA isn’t there to protect us, it’s there to make it look like we’re protected.

And what do we get for all of this pompous, phony “security”?  Harassed, groped, and inconvenienced.

Worse still, the TSA is looking to expand its scope to some of the last vestiges of “fun” left in the country.

Identogo by Idemia, which handles TSA PreCheck enrollment under a government contract, has been trying to boost PreCheck enrollment by offering sign-ups at nontraditional locations. Most people sign up at an airport or a universal enrollment center run by Idemia. In addition to music festivals, Identogo has expanded enrollment to office supply retailer Staples and sporting events including, beginning this year,Boston Red Sox games at Fenway Park.

“What we’re trying to do is make it more convenient for people to enroll,” said Charles Carroll, senior vice president at Idemia. “Take away all the friction points.”

What we should do is take away the TSA.

PreCheck sign-ups began at festivals a few years ago in a partnership with concert promoter LiveNation and have been ramped up this year, with LiveNation and at other events, he said. The RV was parked at the BottleRock Napa Valley musical festival in northern California in late May and spent the first weekend in June at CMA Fest in Nashville, Tennessee.

Will this be a direct line into these venues for the TSA?  Could this be the beginning of a bonafide police state here in America, where every public gathering is somehow managed by federal nincompoops with worthless badges?

If so, sign me up for whatever pre-check package allows me to never deal with a blue-shirted buffoon again.

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