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Subpoenas Could be Coming for Bidens, Schiff, and Whistleblower says GOP Senator Ron Johnson

It’s a long shot, but Johnson believes that it’s worthy of an attempt.

House Intel Committee Chair Adam Schiff has maintained an absurdly tight grip on the Democrats’ “formal impeachment inquiry” so far, drawing massive bouts of criticism from his Republican counterparts.

The GOP has been incensed at Schiff’s propensity for operating in secret, cloaking the process in darkness from the sub-basement of the Capitol and only allowing his personally selected tidbits of information to be shared with the press.  These tactics have allowed Schiff and his Democratic minions to get a head-start within the mainstream media, setting the stage for further defamation of the President ahead of the 2020 election.

The Republicans haven’t been taking the slight lying down, however, and have been damning in their defiance of Schiff.

Senator Ron Johnson took that sentiment a step further today, wholly refuting Adam Schiff’s previous attempts to narrow the focus of these impeachment hearings to only cover Democratically-approved talking points.

During an interview with WSAU’s “Feedback with Ben Armstrong” released on Thursday, Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee Chairman Ron Johnson (R-WI) stated that once he gets the information that he needs, he will, if necessary, subpoena the Bidens, House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff (D-CA), and the whistleblower.

Host Ben Armstrong asked Johnson if he is going to subpoena the Bidens, Schiff, or the whistleblower.

Johnson responded, “I don’t really want to make news on your program. Because I’m working with Senator Grassley’s staff, but we’re having meetings in terms of what our next steps are along this line. … I’m not going to get out ahead of my skis here when I’m trying to work with another United States senator that I deeply respect. … In order to bring in witnesses for questioning, you want to lay the groundwork, you want to have enough information.”

Johnson, understanding that this was a long shot maneuver, was still somewhat optimistic.

Armstrong later asked, “So, can you say this: You — once you get that information, you would, if it — if you get the information, subpoena the Bidens, Schiff, and the whistleblower?”

Johnson answered, “That would be — the subpoena’s the last step in the process. You go through a multiple-step process, asking people to come in for interviews, possibly for depositions. If they refuse that, the final point is going to be subpoenaing.”

Armstrong then asked, “And you will do that?”

Johnson stated, “I’ll certainly attempt it. But I’m not sure I’m going to necessarily succeed. Because I actually have to have unanimous support [from] members of my committee to do that.”

Schiff and his fellow Democrats passed a “resolution” just weeks ago limiting GOP witnesses by requiring that they be able to answer very specific questions regarding only the behavior of the President or their knowledge of the matters contained within the whistleblower complaint.

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