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Super Bowl Fans to Receive Free Beer from Miller Lite…But There’s a Catch

If you want this handout, you’re going to have to be quick with your thumbs.

The NFL hasn’t been having the most successful few years as of late, as a number of controversies threaten to roil the rough and rowdy league all the way into 2021.

First and foremost, the NFL still hasn’t fully recovered from the economic impact of the coronavirus, which hit at a time in which the league was already down revenue.  That prior dip in value came after a massive boycott hit the league following the widespread “kneeling” protests that were spurred on by Colin Kaepernick some years ago.

Now, with the Super Bowl just around the corner, the league and those who rely on football for revenue are looking at ways to spark interest in this gridiron tradition.  Miller Lite thinks that free beer could do the trick, but those looking for the handout are going to have some sore thumbs.

There’s nothing beer brands will stop at to win consumers’ attention and affection during the Super Bowl commercial breaks. And this year, Miller Lite is roasting a competitor by hosting a giveaway for free beer whenever Michelob Ultra’s ad plays during the big game.

Miller’s beef with Michelob stems from the latter’s promotion of its 95-calorie beer as a healthier alternative to Miller Lite’s 96 calories. But the Molson Coors pilsner is making the case that its one extra calorie is worth it — and even makes all the difference. So when the Michelob ad airs during Super Bowl LV on Sunday, Miller Lite fans are invited to type an 836-character URL into their search browser to score $8 for a signature six-pack.

Their reasoning? Miller Lite claims that “burning one calorie is as simple as typing in a ridiculously long URL.”

The move comes after Budweiser, another producer of fizzy, yellow, beer-flavored-water announced that they wouldn’t even be running a Super Bowl commercial, instead using that budget to run a week of online advertisements to promote vaccine awareness.

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