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Texas Election Gets Backing of ‘New California’ and ‘New Nevada’

Oh. Well alrighty then.

It’s hard to tell these days exactly where President Trump’s chances of a second term stand.

On one hand, the Trump legal team of Rudy Giuliani and Jenna Ellis, along with unofficial attorney-ally Sidney Powell, have been striking out at the local and state level with judge who seem wholly disinterested in hearing their cases.

Furthermore, President Trump has oscillated between adamant refusal to concede the election, and a tacit acknowledgment that he may not be President come January 21st.  On Friday, he even tweeted about the coming “Biden Administration” – his words, not mine – which is as close to a concession as the Commander in Chief has gotten.

But there is still a doozy of a lawsuit out there, making a bee-line for the Supreme Court.

The litigious effort comes to us from Texas, and has been supported by a number of state AG’s, as well as by over 100 House Republicans.

Oh, and it now has the backing of two states that don’t even exist.

Two pseudo states filed an amicus brief Friday backing the Texas lawsuit seeking to overturn the election results in four battleground states won by President-elect Joe Biden.

In a 13-page brief filed with the Supreme Court, “New California State” and “New Nevada State” argue they are “directly impacted by the arbitrary and capricious changes in election laws and procedures occur with unfortunate regularity in the current States of California and Nevada.”

New California State and New Nevada State are movements seeking to form new states from rural counties. New California declared its independence in 2018 in an effort to become the 51st state.

The legal brief filed Friday argues that in-person and absentee votes were unconstitutionally handled differently across counties in California and Nevada. It also alleged that those who registered to vote on Election Day were treated differently than those who registered at least 30 days before the election.

The original Texas lawsuit claims that mail-in balloting in a number of swing states was performed unconstitutionally, and that this action injure the Lone Star State’s standing in the election itself.

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