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The Second Amendment Doesn’t Need to “Evolve” Because America Already Has

No matter how you slice it, we owe our peace and prosperity to our inalienable right to bear arms.

To all those who believe that the Second Amendment is outdated and “needs to evolve”, I ask you this:  Is it not possible that the Second Amendment has allowed America to evolve?

Think of it this way:  You’re driving down the road with no insurance and a taillight out.  Your mood is absolutely tense to the point of a panic attack, and you’re gripping that wheel with every ounce of strength your already-white knuckles can muster.  You’re likely not driving well, rather, you’re working so hard at keeping everything under the speed limit and between the lines that you’re in no place to react to even the slightest surprise.

An animal darts out ahead of you and the intense break in concentration puts you into a state of panic, somehow greater than the one you were already in, and now the car becomes impossible to control.  You now wish, in this moment of flinching terror, that your insurance was up to date.  The possible fine is no longer bearing down on your mind.  No, you’re already wondering how you’ll scrape together enough money to out of this mess.

In this metaphor, the Second Amendment is our car insurance because, in all honesty, it’s our freedom insurance.  Without it, we are ripe for whatever cruel fate our enemies have in store for us.  Without the right to bear arms, we are vulnerable to having our freedom revoked by our own government, the same way that our figurative driver would be arrested by our metaphorical cop for his lack of insurance.

And, God forbid, a hostile foreign power were to set their sights on us.  We would be catatonically and categorically unable to impede their dastardly vision, much like the stressed-to-death driver in the fiction above will find peril in the aftermath of that skittish animal.

You see, Americans today have grown up safe and sound, far removed from the turmoil of the Revolutionary War, or even the Civil War.  No one alive today has seen combat on American soil, up close and personal, and, therefore have no real frame of reference for the Second Amendment.  During these events, unarmed citizens were few and far between, but also extremely easy pickings for those who would do them harm.

Thankfully, and likely in part due to the Second Amendment, we have avoided such peril thus far in our recent generations.

We could not have evolved into a country void of domestic war without the Second Amendment, as the right to bear arms acts as our insurance against anyone who would dare attempt to revoke this way of life and this freedom.

It is not the Second Amendment that is in need of evolution.  It is America who has evolved, thanks to the safety and security provided in the inalienable right to bear arms.


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