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Trouble for Bernie as Reports Show Minuscule Impact of Warren’s Departure

Is this going to be one of the final nails in Bernie’s coffin?

Basic logic tells us that the Democratic race is down to but two choices:  The rich, old, white guy from Vermont, or the rich, old, white guy who used to be Vice President.

Yes, folks, it’s Bernie versus Biden in the battle for the future of the Democratic Party and the chance to get figuratively slapped back into obscurity by Donald Trump come November.  The incumbent Republican Commander in Chief’s heavy handed penchant for capitalism will be a stark contrast to Sanders’ socialism, and Joe Biden says enough silly things on his own to cast doubt on his cognitive capabilities.

Biden is still celebrating a great showing on Super Tuesday, and pretending as though the nomination is already his, with the contest also providing a timely opportunity for Elizabeth Warren to step out of the race.  This latter maneuver should have provided Bernie Sanders with a boost in the polls, given how Warren and he were splitting the progressive voting bloc’s support.

What’s troubling is that Bernie hasn’t seen much benefit from the news.

It took Joe Biden’s moderate rivals just hours to unite behind his presidential campaign after they left the race. Bernie Sanders hasn’t been so fortunate.

Elizabeth Warren, one of Sanders’ closest ideological allies, declined to endorse anyone after suspending her campaign on Thursday. She didn’t rule out an endorsement of her New England neighbor but said she wanted to “take a deep breath and spend a little time on that.”

High-profile Warren supporters across the country, particularly women, were also hesitant to race into Sanders’ camp. And on Capitol Hill, where Biden was racking up new endorsements daily, the Vermont senator hasn’t earned a single new endorsement, even among the most progressive elected officials, in two weeks.

The dangerous silence from Warren and progressive officials across the country comes at the worst time for Sanders, who’s suddenly losing momentum in a two-man race with the former vice president as another set of high-stakes primary elections looms. Sanders is moving forward with the same coalition that was beaten soundly earlier this week. And if he cannot find a way to grow, and grow quickly, the Vermont senator’s 2020 challenge will only become more dire.

For now, Bernie continues on…but for how long we have no way of telling.

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