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Trump administration taking tech censorship seriously with latest executive order

The President is preparing to put his www-dot-wingtip up someone’s digital derrière.

It has become terribly apparent that the sultans of Silicon Valley are no fans of President Donald Trump…and they likely never have been.

The only issue here is that they are, for all intents and purposes, monopolies of information online who steer well over 90% of internet traffic to whomever and whatever they wish.  They use advanced and evolving algorithms, perhaps only a step or two removed from the capabilities of artificial intelligence, and they wield this weapon in direct opposition to all things conservative.

You may believe that this sounds like some Orwellian nightmare, reserved for the fiction section of the local library, but I assure you it is not.

In fact, Google will assure you that it’s not fiction as well, as one executive for the company did on hidden camera, stating that they are working to “prevent another Trump situation in 2020”.

In order to combat this ridiculousness, the President is bringing out the big guns.

The White House is circulating drafts of a proposed executive order that would address allegations of anti-conservative bias by social media companies, according to a White House official and two other people familiar with the matter — a month after President Donald Trump pledged to explore “all regulatory and legislative solutions” on the issue.

None of the three would describe the contents of the order, which one person cautioned has already taken many different forms and remains in flux. But its existence, and the deliberations surrounding it, are evidence that the administration is taking a serious look at wielding the federal government’s power against Silicon Valley.

“If the internet is going to be presented as this egalitarian platform and most of Twitter is liberal cesspools of venom, then at least the president wants some fairness in the system,” the White House official said. “But look, we also think that social media plays a vital role. They have a vital role and an increasing responsibility to the culture that has helped make them so profitable and so prominent.”

This executive action is tied to last month’s White House social media summit, in which the President addressed a number of conservative pundits and publishers and insisted that the government would be taking stock of the issue.


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