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‘Trump Death Clock’ Arrives in Time Square in Effort to Shame POTUS’ Virus Response

Talk about a sad, sad stunt!

At one point in the not-so-distant past, Democrats were rallying around First Lady Michele Obama’s now-laughable anecdote that “when they go low”, (meaning Republicans), “we go high”.  Apparently, no one explained this to the “resistance”, who have been employing every guttural and visceral dirty trick in the book in an effort to make the leader of the free world appear either as a criminal, a bigot, or worse.

Given that this is an election year, all bets were off as to just how low they would sink, and we may have just hit rock bottom in Time Square.

A “TRUMP Death Clock” has been beamed onto an enormous Times Square billboard to show the US coronavirus death toll in real-time.

The enormous ticking tracker was brought to NYC on May 8 and the 56-foot LED screen keeps a running count of the lives lost ‘unnecessarily’ during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The message is simply unbelievable.

As of May 14, the giant billboard states that 51,154 deaths are a result of supposed “POTUS Inaction.”

“Starting in January 2020, President Trump and his administration were advised that urgent measures were needed to stop the spread of the coronavirus,” the billboard reads.

“The President declined to act until March 16th,” it goes on. “By then, a crucial chance to contain the virus had been missed.

“If mitigation measures had been implemented even one week earlier, by March 9th 2020, approximately 60 percent of US deaths would have been prevented.”

This is, of course, not some sort of verifiable or quantifiable figure.  There is no telling what sort of culpability the President of a single nation has when it comes to an unprecedented global pandemic that, ironically, was made all the worse by the inaction of the Chinese government and their purported cover-up of data in relation to the virus.



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