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Trump Family Member Accuses President of ‘Committing Sedition’


There have been plenty of insults tossed in the general direction of Donald Trump over the course of his presidency, but perhaps few as serious as this.

The controversial Commander in Chief took flak from his niece this week, as author and frequent guest on cable news Mary Trump lambasted her uncle’s handling of the 2020 election aftermath.

The following came from a recent appearance on MSNBC:

Anchor Alex Witt said, “Mary, to draw on your experience professionally on that because despite losing lawsuit after lawsuit that challenged the election results including at the Supreme Court, what do you think keeps drawing the president’s devout supporters to him amid his baseless claims of election fraud?”

Trump said, “A couple of things are going on. And you know, at the most basic level, Donald has revealed something about this country. There are a lot of people who like him because of his racism, because of his misogyny, and because of his cruelty, not in spite of that. We need to be really clear about that. On the other hand, a lot of these people don’t get accurate information, partially because they watch news outlets that are more propaganda outlets than anything else and partially because, you know, they believe that they should trust their leaders. If their leaders are telling them that the election was rigged and that the results are a hoax and that President Biden had not been legitimately elected, they’re going to listen to the person they have placed their trust in. It’s an extremely dangerous situation, and we need to not mince words here.”

And then came the clincher:

“What Donald is doing on a daily basis, he’s endangering lives, and he’s committing sedition.”

Mary Trump sought to cash in on her family name just months ago, releasing a book claiming to unravel the reasons why her uncle, the President, was in no way fit for his post.

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