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Trump Indictment Forces NYPD to Issue CRAZY Orders

The unprecedented situation had NYPD thinking outside the box.

After some strange “on-again, off-again” hoopla spread over the course of nearly two weeks, Donald Trump has been indicted by a Manhattan Grand Jury.

The charges are numerous, with some in the mainstream media bubble suggesting that as many as 34 counts could be coming for the former President – a number thus far only mentioned by nondescript “sources”.

The news will almost certainly trigger calls for protest among the MAGA faithful, and the top brass of the NYPD are issuing some extraordinary commands on account of the potential for trouble.

CNN Law Enforcement analyst John Miller says orders have gone out from the NYPD for every cop in the city “of every rank” to “show up in uniform tomorrow” following the criminal indictment of former President Donald Trump.

News broke on Thursday afternoon that Trump has been indicted by Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg’s grand jury investigating the circumstances around hush money payments to Stormy Daniels.

And amid weeks of Trump threats and incitement, Miller called in on Thursday’s edition of CNN’s The Situation Room to tell anchor Wolf Blitzer about a sobering “teletype” that went out following the indictment:

WOLF BLITZER: We’ve got some news some news coming in now about security preparations underway in New York City. John Miller is our chief law enforcement and intelligence analyst. He’s joining us on the phone right now. You’re well plugged in there, John. What are you hearing?

JOHN MILLER: Well, as of a few moments ago, a teletype went out to all NYPD commands in New York City, ordering that all members of the department, no matter what their rank or assignment, show up in uniform tomorrow. So clearly, the NYPD is preparing to have all of its options open in case they have to mobilize a large number of police officers. Right now as they’re scanning, they’re not seeing any plans for any major protests, but that could change overnight because this news is very fresh.

Miller would go on to suggest that this was a rarity for The Big Apple.

“No, we don’t do that in New York City. There’s 36,000 police officers in the NYPD. And large groups of them that are specially trained in disorder control. So this is something that they would want to maintain command and control over in a linear way without bringing in outside entities, especially from outside the city government.”

The Secret Service will be coordinating Trump’s arrest with authorities in New York City, with some pundits suggesting late on Thursday night that the former Commander in Chief is likely to surrender on Tuesday.


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