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Trump Insiders Speak Out About the President’s Senate Concerns

An anonymous donor spilled the beans this week.

While a vast majority of the attention we’re showing to the 2020 election is focused on the big race between incumbent Republican President Donald Trump and Democratic nominee Joe Biden, there are a great many other races which will be decided next Tuesday, including many in the House and Senate.

In fact, there are enough Senate seats up for grabs that the Democratic Party has been quietly whispering about the possibility that they could walk away from the election with a majority in the higher chamber.  This has President Trump privately expressing his concerns. 

Shortly after Donald Trump insisted to reporters in Ohio he expected a “red wave” on election day, 3 November, it was reported on Saturday that he told Republican donors this week it would be “tough” for the party to hold on to the Senate.

Trump trails Joe Biden in most national and battleground state polls. Democrats hold the House of Representatives and expect to keep it, while many forecasters think they have a good chance of re-taking the Senate, which Republicans hold 53-47, thereby achieving unified government.

“I think the Senate is tough actually,” the Washington Post said Trump told donors in Nashville, Tennessee, on Thursday, before his last debate against Biden, according to an anonymous attendee. “The Senate is very tough.”

The Post said Trump also insisted Republicans “are going to take back the House”. As Democrats hold that chamber by 232-197, few forecasters think there is much chance of that.

And if you thought that our government was dysfunctional now, just imagine a second term for Trump with a Democratically-held legislative branch funneling bill after bill to his veto desk.

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