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Trump Lashes Out After Bizarre Walter Reed Visit Turns into Conspiracy Theory

Last weekend, a peculiar story began to emerge from the White House, in which the President suddenly traveled by motorcade to Walter Reed Hospital.

There was no early Secret Service detachment and no placeholder on the President’s itinerary for the event, leading many throughout social media to jump to ridiculous conclusions.  There was talk of the President having “chest pains”, and video of their departure from the White House was scrutinized for any and all clues it could, (but did not), contain.

When it was all said and done, the President cleared it up:  He was visiting a soldier and their family while also completing a portion of his yearly physical.

Still, the rumors persisted, pushing more than a few mainstream media to even perpetuate the gossip.

That did not sit well with the Commander in Chief.

In a phone interview on “Fox & Friends” with hosts Steve Doocy, Ainsley Earhardt, and Brian Kilmeade, the president insisted it was part of his yearly physical.

Fox News had previously reported that the president spent more than two hours at the medical center on Saturday. The appointment — which followed a previous exam in February — didn’t appear on the president’s public schedule, as was the case for his physicals last year and this year.

The president told the “Friends” hosts that his doctor called him and asked if he would “like to do” the “first part” of his physical at that time.

“Because I’m going to be slightly busy in 2020 in January and February,” he explained. “Especially if ‘Crazy Nancy’ does something that nobody ever would even think of doing. So, I’ll be busy interviewing Biden, watching the interviews of ‘Shifty Schiff’ and why he had made up all of this stuff and why he made up my statements.”

The President continued…

The president said, “Yeah. Go ahead. Let’s go.”

“So, we drive out to Walter Reed. Greatest doctors. Greatest everything. Greatest place you’ve ever seen what they can do,” said Trump.

Once again, the Democratic conspiracy theory machine has rendered kaput.

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