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Trump lashes out at Democrats in epic Twitter tirade

The Tweeter-in-Chief was in rare form.

There is a wild and brazen intensity within the nation’s capital this week, as Democrats continue to needle the Trump administration regarding a July phone call with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky.

At the heart of the matter is what the left alleges is an abuse of power by Trump, in which the President would dangle military aid in front of his Ukrainian counterpart in return for an investigation into the Biden family’s business in the small European nation.

These accusations have brought about a “formal impeachment inquiry”, at least according to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, and with that, a slew of new attacks have been launched against the White House.

Trump boiled over today, taking to Twitter with vicious aplomb.

We must warn you, there is strong language ahead.

President Trump has repeatedly and enthusiastically denied any wrongdoing in regard to the Ukrainian aid payments and the Biden business brouhaha.  The White House has also been timely in releasing documents in relation to the scandal, further evidence that the President is confident that he has acted properly.


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