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Trump Legal Team Takes Aim at Several State Election Processes

As the election moves toward a conclusion, the drama is only yet beginning.

We have now arrive at Thursday afternoon, almost 48 hours after the polls began to close in the 2020 election, and we are still without a declared winner in the race for the Oval Office.

As it stands at this moment, things are tilting in the favor of former Vice President Joe Biden, with major metropolitan centers now working on counting  a stack of ballots that largely came from the mail.  Of course, given the trends of the voters in 2020, mail-in ballots tend to be skewed to the left, giving the impression that Biden could creep across the finish line sometime in the next day or two…or three or four.

President Trump has long indicated that he was uncomfortable with mail-in voting, and he has now dispatched his legal team to several locales in an attempt to preserve his place on Pennsylvania Avenue.

In Michigan, things had not gone the President’s way.

A judge has denied the Trump campaign’s lawsuit seeking to stop vote-counting in Michigan until the campaign’s representatives could get what it called “meaningful access” to observe the process.

Ruling from the bench, the judge said the ballot counting is already finished, Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson has issued a directive about access for poll watchers in another recent court case, and there is no legal basis for Benson to provide access to surveillance video of drop-boxes.

In Nevada, the jury is still out.

Trump’s campaign and the Nevada Republican Party plan to file a lawsuit claiming as many as 10,000 people in Nevada cast a ballot despite no longer living there.

The suit, announced during a Thursday morning press conference in front of the Clark County Elections Department in Las Vegas, comes as Trump trailed Biden by about 8,000 votes in early returns in Nevada.

And yesterday in Philadelphia, both Eric Trump and Rudy Giuliani appeared on television to claim that something fishy was going on, and the Trump campaign is waiting on an appeal to a case there in which they asserted that poll watchers weren’t allowed to be “close enough” to the counting process.

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