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Trump Makes Major ‘Phase One’ Announcement on China Trade Deal

This is a step in the right direction, just in time for America’s spending season.

If anyone is still brave enough to turn on the mainstream media this evening, they will notice that a significant bit of substantial content is missing.

Amid the howling and cackling the infotainment industry’s loudest professional pontificators, there will be no shortage of attempts to disparate Donald Trump, accusing him of all manner of collusive acts.  It’ll be Ukraine-this, Giuliani-that, ad nauseam, until we’re all just about ready to tear our hair out.

What you won’t see much of, however, is good news; like that President Trump just made a major breakthrough in our trade war with China.

The U.S. and China have reached a partial trade pause.

President Trump, speaking at the White House, said: “We’ve come to a very substantial phase one deal”…adding it will take three to five weeks to get written. The deal includes intellectual property, financial services and $40-$50 billion related to agriculture products. It is unclear what the U.S will give up in return and a comprehensive trade deal will have two or three phases.

The U.S. will not be raising tariffs on the Chinese next week to the 30 percent level as part of this agreement.

The news helped Wall Street to erupt on Friday.

U.S. stocks spiked to the highs of the session, with the Dow Jones Industrial Average rising by nearly 500 points, before pulling back slightly at the close. The move signals the third major trade deal President Trump has sealed.

The economic conflict between the US and Beijing had been particularly painful for American farmers, whose crop have long sat in storage awaiting new buyers after China backed out.

This news could come at a crucial time for President Trump, as polls are beginning to indicate a wavering on impeachment among some of his supporters.

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