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Trump Puts Social Media ON BLAST! Condemns Culling of Conservatives

Repeat after me: Sunlight is the best disinfectant.

President Trump is no fan of those who would trample on the First Amendment, and he is making that clear this week.

Trump is likely one of the most prolific and powerful users of Twitter that we’ve ever seen.  The timing and terseness of his tweets are almost too well executed, and we often find ourselves with a new 140-character dialogue just when things in DC seemed to be winding down.

Of course, as President, these tweets also possess a certain gravity that other Twitter users cannot possibly muster; at least outside of teeny-bopper heartthrob circles where social media is their digital lifeblood.

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That’s why the President is lashing out this week, after social media giants in Silicon Valley defied the principles of the First Amendment by removing what they deemed to be “dangerous” viewpoints.

Then came the clincher:

While Alex Jones is certainly a nutcase, and Paul Joseph Watson likely went down for his association with Jones, this is still simply un-American.

Our nation is strengthened by the diversity of thought, and there is no manner in which that can be denied.

Worse still, even if you think that those who were banned are scumbags, why would we hide our scumbags?  We need to be able to point to people like Alex Jones and say to our children, “this is someone to be wary of”.  If we don’t, the Alex Joneses of the world go underground, into a figurative cocoon.  When they emerge, they’ll be unrecognizable…perhaps even attractive to the young and naive, and the cycle will begin again.

And if we continue down this path of darkness and censorship, we won’t even be able to see them coming.

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