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Trump reaffirms his beliefs on Russia interference during fiery South Lawn statement

The perturbed President held nothing back.

For some, Robert Mueller’s surprise Wednesday press conference was little more than an affirmation of what they already believed.

On the right side of the aisle, Mueller was criticized for politicizing the already polar atmosphere in Washington, specifically as it pertained to the idea of impeaching President trump.

The democrats, however, began pouncing on the idea of introducing articles of impeachment just moments after Mueller finished his brief, ten minute statement.  Even 2020 candidates like Cory Booker, who were previously opposed to such a move came out in staunch support.  Booker even went so far as to say that the proceedings should begin “immediately”, much to the dismay of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi who has attempted in vain to tamper such views in recent weeks.

The President, as he is wont to do, lashed out at Mueller for his statement.

President Donald Trump angrily assailed special counsel Robert Mueller’s motives on Thursday, a day after Mueller bluntly rebuffed Trump’s repeated claims that the Russia investigation had cleared him of committing a federal crime of obstruction of justice.

The president also offered mixed messages on Russia’s efforts to help him defeat Democrat Hillary Clinton in the 2016 election campaign. First Trump tweeted that he had “nothing to do with Russia helping me get elected.” That was the first time he seemed to acknowledge that Russia worked to see him elected — something that was underscored in Mueller’s report.

The Commander in Chief was sure to address that faux-pas as well.

Then on the White House South Lawn, Trump told reporters: “Russia did not help me get elected. You know who got me elected? You know who got me elected? I got me elected. Russia didn’t help me at all.”

Robert Mueller has indicated that he is less than enthused about the idea of testifying before Congress on the matter, explaining during his presser that he would simply refer to the facts of the report if subpoenaed to speak.


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