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Trump Supporters CRASH Book Event for Ron DeSantis

2024 could be a slugfest.

As Donald Trump’s problems continue to multiply in the northeast, his supporters are stirring up trouble in a much more tropical location.

Donald Trump is likely to face Florida Governor Ron DeSantis in the 2024 Republican primary, should DeSantis ever decide to finally throw his hat officially into the ring.  There is little doubt that his candidacy is coming, but the Sunshine State lawmaker appears to be waiting until the last possible minute to announce his candidacy, possibly hoping, (rather cheaply), that Donald Trump’s legal troubles catch up to him.  This would not only catapult Ron to the top of the Republican leaderboard, but it would also keep him from wasting untold sums of early campaign funds defending himself against Trump’s massive influence.

But, while the former President is preparing for his perp walk in Manhattan, (maybe), his supporters are taking up the fight against the Florida Governor.

Donald Trump supporters crashed a Long Island, New York, book signing event for Ron DeSantis on Saturday afternoon.

The incident follows reports that have continued to surface that the Florida governor has been toying with a 2024 presidential bid to challenge the former president.

After a long parade of cars with Trump flags streamed into the parking lot—at a local aviation museum—ahead of the DeSantis book event, the two sides reportedly clashed face to face.

“Go home, DeSantis!” one protester yelled at DeSantis backers, a scene captured by local WABC Channel 7 investigative reporter Kristin Thorne.

And it got even uglier.

Trump White House alum and Claremont Institute fellow Paul Ingrassia interrupted the governor’s speech, urging him to “support” and “endorse Donald Trump for president.”

In a subsequent interview with The Daily Beast, Ingrassia accused DeSantis of being “in bed with the globalists.”

The former National Economic Council staffer further told The Daily Beast that after he shouted at DeSantis, he was escorted out of the venue by security.

“I cooperated with them,” he added. As for why he chose to say what he said, Ingrassia said he believed he was expressing what’s on Trump supporters’ minds. He said he is “not officially” involved with the Trump 2024 campaign.

Trump and DeSantis have been openly feuding for months now, culminating recently in a legal filing in which a Trump-aligned Super PAC accused DeSantis of running a “shadow campaign”.

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