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Trump Team Retreats from PA as Rumors Swirl on Pennsylvania Ave.

The plot thickens…

This could very well be one of the only weeks in which being a fly on the wall in the West Wing would be more nightmare than enlightening.

From what the media have gathered and reported from inside the White House, the mood is not a great one.  It’s been described as tense, downtrodden, defiant, and a bit schizophrenic, as President Trump remains steadfast in his belief that he’s won the 2020 election.

His legal team, including firebrand lawyer Rudy Giuliani, have repeatedly insisted that they are finding enough evidence of wrongdoing in locales around the nation to turn the tide of the already-called, but not-yet-certified election.

And then there are the rumors emanating from “anonymous sources” who are allegedly “close to the President”, stating that Trump is merely playing up the struggle in order to bolster an as-of-yet unannounced media venture.

The figurative fly on the wall’s head is spinning, in short, and the latest news out of Pennsylvania will have the mood at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue turning downright turgid. 

A law firm representing the Trump campaign in its challenges to the Pennsylvania election results gave notice that it’s withdrawing from one of the cases.

Lawyers with Porter Wright Morris & Arthur LLP submitted a filing late Thursday stating they were withdrawing as counsel in a federal suit seeking to block Pennsylvania from certifying its vote. No reason was given. In a statement issued Friday, the firm confirmed the filing but did not say why it was exiting the case.

“We’ve committed to the court to fulfill our obligations as required to ensure transition to substitute counsel and so as not to cause material adverse effect on the client’s interest,” Porter Wright said. “We will have no further comment.”

The law firm was recently targets by The Lincoln Project – a group of anti-Trump Republicans – with a tweet imploring their supporters to harass Porter Wright Morris & Arthur employees on LinkedIn,

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