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Trump Urged by Twitter to Veto Paltry COVID Relief Bill Over Foreign Benefits

We The People are losing their patience.

The American people are furious, and they have every right to be.

Throughout the entirety of this COVID-19 pandemic, economists, politicians, and experts have agree that there would be unfathomable economic harm and that the federal government would be responsible for supporting its citizens during this time of need.

They started off strong, they really did, with enhanced unemployment benefits and a direct payment of $1,200 to individuals.  But that was it, and that was months ago.

Congress this week passed a much weaker relief package, with only $600 payments to Americans, many of whom are in danger of becoming homeless when a federal moratorium on evictions expires at the end of the month.

We The People were not happy about this on Twitter, urging President Trump to veto the bill on account of the massive benefits it gives to foreign nations.

The list was astounding:

  • $169,739,000 to Vietnam, including $19 million to remediate dioxins (page 1476).

  • Unspecified funds to “continue support for not-for-profit institutions of higher education in Kabul, Afghanistan that are accessible to both women and men in a coeducational environment” (page 1477).

  • $198,323,000 to Bangladesh, including $23.5 million to support Burmese refugees and $23.3 million for “democracy programs” (page 1485).

  • $130,265,000 to Nepal for “development and democracy programs” (page 1485).

  • Pakistan: $15 million for “democracy programs” and $10 million for “gender programs” (page 1486).

  • Sri Lanka: Up to $15 million “for the refurbishing of a high endurance cutter,” which is a type of patrol boat (page 1489).

  • $505,925,000 to Belize, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua, and Panama to “address key factors that contribute to the migration of unaccompanied, undocumented minors to the United States” (pages 1490-1491).

  • $461,375,000 to Colombia for programs related to counternarcotics and human rights (pages 1494-1496).

  • $74.8 million to the “Caribbean Basin Security Initiative” (page 1498).

  • $33 million “for democracy programs for Venezuela” (page 1498).

  • Unspecified amount to Colombia, Peru, Ecuador, Curacao, and Trinidad and Tobago “for assistance for communities in countries supporting or otherwise impacted by refugees from Venezuela” (page 1499).

  • $132,025,000 “for assistance for Georgia” (page 1499).

  • $453 million “for assistance for Ukraine” (page 1500).

Twitter users were peeved.

The people are losing their patience, and there’s no telling whether or not Congress has any clue.

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