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Trump’s Arctic Drilling Move Nixed by Federal Judge

The case will likely continue, but in an infamous appeals court.

President Trum was elected, in no small part, due to his no-nonsense economic ideologies and his bombastic hope to maximize the output of America.

Coming from a place of wealth and power, Trump’s New York City real estate business was, and is, booming.  He exudes the financial acumen of a man hellbent on taking the top spot in everything that he does, and it was this confidence that undoubtedly sent droves of Americans to the polls.

And, when it comes to the economy, Trump seems to be doing an ostensibly bang-up job.  Employment numbers in particular have been outstanding during the first two years of his administration being behind the wheel.

Another of President Trump’s fiscal “fixes” looks to have become a fiasco, however, as a federal judge has now declared the CEO-in-Chief’s executive order on arctic drilling to be illegal.

A federal judge in Alaska has ruled an executive order by President Donald Trump allowing offshore oil drilling of tens of millions of acres in the Arctic Ocean is “unlawful and invalid.”

The ruling on Friday from US District Court Judge Sharon Gleason means a drilling ban for much of the Arctic Ocean off of Alaska will go back into effect.
On April 28, 2017, Trump issued an executive order reversing three memoranda and one executive order in 2015 and 2016 by then President Barack Obama withdrawing about 125 million acres of the Arctic Ocean from oil leasing. The Obama order also prevented drilling in certain parts of the Atlantic Ocean.
Some of the world’s most prosperous oil fields lie off of the coast of Alaska, and tapping these untold oceans of fossil fuel would certainly be a boon to the already boastful American economy.
The case will now likely head to the ninth circuit court of appeals.

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