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Trump’s Tax Returns Could Keep Him Off The 2020 Ballot in Some States

The “resistance” is getting creative in their efforts to influence the 2020 election.

There are no clean political fights these days, we all know that.

Gone are the years of two people duking it out on the debate stage honestly, and with the best interests of the American people at heart.  In its place sits a fractured and splintered smorgasbord of soundbites and quips meant to take up as much space in your brain, as quickly as possible, in order to press the button they want you to press in the ballot box.

No, today’s politics are dirtier, filthier than ever, with politicians and their lawyers often finding themselves committing full time hours to the simple task of being a politician, and protecting yourself from such attacks.

With the 2020 presidential election rapidly approaching, we will also begin to see some shenanigans of this sort spawning in State Houses around the nation, most predictably in areas controlled by the election-rigging democrats.

And boy, are these blue state legislators getting creative.

Americans filed their tax returns weeks ago, but the controversy surrounding President Trump’s returns is not going away. Democrats on Capitol Hill have been pressuring Trump to make his returns public and now many state lawmakers across the country are doing the same.

According to the National Conference of State Legislatures, bills have been introduced in 17 states that would keep President Trump off their election ballots in 2020 unless he releases his tax returns to the public.

The measures have passed the Senate in four states, including California, Hawaii, Illinois and Washington state.

“Tax returns go to the core of your true financial interests,” said Reuven Carlyle, a Democrat in the Washington state Senate. “Obviously, it’s just unprecedented for President Trump not to release his taxes. No one’s ever imagined that someone would do that, so I think it’s a legitimate public policy.”

President Trump and his legal team have long insisted that an ongoing audit by the IRS is preventing them from releasing the returns to the public.


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