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Tucker Carlson: Is Trump HOPING to Lose in 2020?

Tucker Carlson turned the “snark” up to eleven in his latest attack on the White House.

We have certainly heard our fair share of wild conspiracy theories attached to the Trump administration, but none as strange as this one.

It was Thursday night, and television pundit Tucker Carlson was up to his usual schtick, hosting his program and making sure to stick to his conservative talking points.

Then, a statement came that shocked many of Carlson’s nightly viewers.

What if President Trump were sick of being president, he mused, and wanted to doom his own chances of reelection?

“It wouldn’t be a crazy conclusion,” said Carlson, who did not apologize last month after the liberal media watchdog group Media Matters for America surfaced old recordings of him making racist and sexist remarks. “How would you like to spend your 70s locked in the White House?”

But what would the commander in chief need to do, practically speaking, to arrange his escape?

Carlson offered some ideas, in what amounted to a thinly veiled broadside against the president. The segment stood out at a network — the most watched on American cable — that has been extraordinarily friendly with the White House.

The idea played off of the long-held assumption in liberal circles that Trump never wanted to be elected, but did so after taking a jab by former President Barack Obama a little too seriously.

Of course, we can always count on the far left to imbue Obama’s every gesture with some unfounded meaning.

Tucker Carlson’s gesture, on the other hand was much more heated.  Carlson laid out what he believed would be the downfall of the President, legislatively.  Then, in a snarky retort, Carlson reported on every one of those initiatives being currently considered by the White House.

You have to see it to believe it.


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