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Tulsi Gabbard Eyes Possible Legal Action Against Defamatory Hillary Clinton

Hillary Clinton can’t seem to read the writing on the wall: She is not welcome in the Democratic Party any longer.

There is a civil war raging within the Democratic Party as of late, and it seems that Hillary Clinton is unable to recognize her own role in the chaos.

The former Secretary of State is a curse upon the Democrats, and has been ever since her successful rigging of the 2016 primary elections was exposed by the work of Julian Assange and Wikileaks.  The egregious and anti-American stunt shook the confidence of the progressive voter base, and likely contributed to their worst nightmare coming true:  The resounding election of Donald Trump.

Now, as Clinton again eyes a possible entry into the 2020 race, her attacks have been aimed not only at Trump, but at her fellow Democrats.

One of her targets, Hawaii Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard, is now fighting back.

Presidential candidate Tulsi Gabbard has sent an official communication to Hillary Clinton — through her attorneys — demanding the 2016 Democartic nominee retract her comment on Gabbard and Russia.

“Your statement is defamatory, and we demand that you retract it immediately,” the letter reads.

“In making the statement, you knew it was false. Congresswoman Gabbard is not a Russian asset and is not being groomed by Russia,”the letter said. “Besides your statement, no law enforcement or intelligence agencies have claimed, much less presented any evidence, that Congresswoman Gabbard is a Russian asset. This fabricated story is so facially improbable that it is actionable as defamation.”

Gabbard is also demanding that Clinton hold a press conference to “verbally retract” her remarks.

Clintons’ bizarre claim was not far removed from a similar charge leveled at Donald Trump during the 2016 election – a belief that was refuted by a 22 month long, $25 million investigation by Robert Mueller.

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