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TURN FOR THE WORSE: America Now ‘Unrecognizable’ say Experts

The outlook is not great.

For a nation that has led the world for two centuries, America sure doesn’t look the way many of us remember her.

This is a nation torn in two down party lines, fallen for the false dichotomy of the two party system and all of the hopelessness that comes along with it.

And, amid this morass, experts are beginning to sound the alarm.

With skyrocketing inflation, political division, social unrest and a relentless effort to wipe away the fundamental principles of the nation, historians and scholars in Fox Nation’s “American Requiem” series offer an elegy for what the country used to be and warn of what it has become.

“The America of the 1980s has pretty much vanished,” Manhattan Institute senior fellow Chris Rufo said. “We’re now entering a new period of unprecedented economic, social and cultural change.”

Rufo wasn’t the only one.

“We’re in a very bizarre and unprecedented situation in our civilization today, which is – we are turning on our own legacy and declaring it evil, oppressive, without any redeeming characteristics…” Manhattan Institute senior fellow Heather MacDonald said in the special.

The special will paint a grim picture of where this once-great nation is headed.

The three-part series dissects America’s cultural fabric and the tears that it has suffered, picking out the pivotal changes that signal the nation’s exponential decline in the last 30 years that created the country we see today.

Among the devastating changes, the Fox Nation special explores, are unbearable living costs, anti-American “woke” sentimentality infiltrating the nation’s public schools and universities, riots in the streets of major U.S. cities, and the emboldening of the nation’s greatest adversaries, including Russia and China.

“The gas prices, the housing crisis, the crisis with education, with healthcare… [it’s] one crisis after another,” retired Vanderbilt and Princeton professor Dr. Carol Swain said.

Then, in perhaps the most alarming commetn of them all:

“[People] have lost the hope that the future for America will be brighter than its past,” Heritage Foundation President Dr. Kevin Roberts lamented.

And without a massive cultural shift, this doom will remain a very likely threat.

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