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TV Ad from ‘Impeachment Task Force’ Group Set to Air in Coming Days

The ‘resistance’ is buying airtime and spreading their plans to nullify the 2016 election.

The left is pulling out all the stops in their attempts to somehow avenge Hillary Clinton’s 2016 electoral evisceration at the hands of Donald Trump.

So furious are the Democrats the they have stooped into the realm of impeachment against Trump, although they are perhaps only dipping a toe at this point.  Their “formal impeachment inquiry” has not been authorized by a House vote, leading the White House to deem the investigation “illegitimate”, and entering into a phase of non-cooperation.

The left is doubling down, however, as a private group known as the “Impeachment Task Force” begins circulating advertisements via the media.

A newly formed Trump “Impeachment Task Force” with more than 100 celebrity and public figure members has unveiled its first move⁠—an ad highlighting President Donald Trump’s Ukraine scandal offenses and asking Americans to call and urge their senators “to be patriots” and remove Trump.

The minute-long video obtained by Newsweek ahead of its release online on Tuesday shows clips of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi announcing Trump’s impeachment inquiry, of Trump encouraging China to investigate 2020 Democratic front runner Joe Biden, and of Trump’s personal lawyer Rudy Giuliani admitting he asked Ukraine to look into Biden.

“This is a clear and unprecedented abuse of power. No one is above the law,” a voice over says. “Contact your senators today. Urge them to vote country over party.”

The voice over concludes: “When the time comes, we’re counting on them to be patriots and vote to remove Trump from office.” The ad ends with “call your senators now,” along with a phone number for viewers to do so.

The campaign was well organized, and built for the sole purpose of jamming the Capitol phone lines.

Public figures on the task force, created by The Democratic Coalition, advised leaders on the overall messaging, tone and theme, according to the coalition’s co-founder Scott Dworkin. The task force plans to air it on cable networks such as CNN and MSNBC later this week.

President Trump has repeatedly denied any wrongdoing in the matter at the heart of this impeachment push – a July phone call with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky.

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