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TV Entertainer Tells Audience Trump is ‘Culprit’ During Discussion of Synagogue Shooting

The mainstream media is predictably rolling out their more controversial storylines in order to maximize the profitability of this latest religious attack.

The hysteria of the liberal left has been raging for years over the election of Donald Trump, mutating into evermore bizarre shapes, and blotting out whatever bright light the democrats once had shining within their party.

It’s no longer about the future of the nation with these “resistance” characters, rather, about “avenging” the 2016 election somehow.  This is the sort of veering off course isn’t easily corrected, as we’ve been able to tell by the constant chatter regarding Donald Trump that we’ve seen on the 2020 campaign trail.

In Hollywood, it can be even more distracting, as rich and influential actors and actresses often conflate their own beliefs for truth in the cause of lambasting Donald Trump.

Joy Behar of The View is just such an entertainer.

Behar said, “I want to say something about Trump. I wrote down the line—last week Biden introduced a video where he brought up Charlottesville. We all saw that. It was very well done. It reminded me we’re losing the soul of America. The next day Donald Trump defends Charlottesville once again. Says that these people were historians they were more interested in Robert E. Lee then the fact that they were saying ‘Jews will not replace us,’ they were just historians.”

“Why don’t we just lock up Doris Kearns Goodwin then?” she continued. “Then on Saturday in the morning this assault on the synagogue. Then Saturday afternoon ‘our hearts are with the victims.’ He talks out of both sides of his mouth. He’s provocative. He gives dog whistles constantly to these people. Then Kellyanne goes out there and defends him and says ‘no no no,’ and he is like ‘no no no.’  Take responsibility for your actions. Mr. President, you are the culprit.”

And while Behar’s language is strong, and her reach mighty, we must always remember that these sort of antics are precisely what she is being paid to do in show’s quest for higher ratings and more valuable advertising real estate.

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