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TV host fantasizes about altered Dorian map ‘taking down’ President Trump

That’s quite a stretch…

One of the strangest controversies of the week came to us from the White House, after a map showing the possible paths of Hurricane Dorian had critics of President Trump up in arms.

The Commander in Chief had earlier voiced his concerns that the people of Alabama could find themselves feeling the effects of the massive storm after one tracking model predicted that Dorian could sweep straight across the northern portion of Florida from east to west, entering the Gulf of Mexico.  Thankfully, this was not the case, as Dorian has remained just off the east coast, battering Georgia and the Carolinas with rain, wind, and tornadoes, but sparing the mainland a direct hit.

But, after the President was shown holding a map of the previous prediction, complete with a bit of Sharpie marker indicating how Alabama could have been affected by the storm in that scenario, the anti-Trump leftists have pounced.

One such member of the “resistance” even went so far as to wonder if the President could be “taken down” by the incident.

“The View” hosts had fun Thursday jabbing at the president for showing an apparently doctored chart of Hurricane Dorian’s path, and warned that he could face legal consequences for giving a false forecast.

President Trump initially tweeted that the hurricane would hit Alabama, apparently prompting the National Weather Service to clarify that Dorian wasn’t headed in that direction. Amid criticism, Trump doubled down — displaying a chart in the Oval Office that appeared to be altered with a black marker.

“It’s illegal to falsely — under federal law — to pass off a doctored, National Weather Service forecast,” host Sunny Hostin commented. “Wouldn’t it be interesting if this is what took down the president?” she asked before adding that doctoring a forecast was a felony.

Then came a real knee-slapper.

Co-host Joy Behar attempted to crack a joke, saying: “Just because you sleep with somebody named Stormy does not make you a weatherman.” She was referring to Trump’s alleged affair with porn star Stormy Daniels.

We can only imagine that the entire student audience simultaneously rolled their eyes and groaned following that attempt at humor.


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