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Twitter Goes on Banning Spree, Takes Down 7K QAnon Accounts, Limits 150K More

The move is sure to rile the Q faithful, who will likely see Twitter’s action as confirmation that they are close to piecing the whole conspiracy together.

Twitter this week has continued to exert their beliefs on the freedom of speech, and is taking action against a rather large contingent of conservative conspiracy theorists.

The QAnon conspiracy has been around since the beginning of President Trump’s first term, and it weaves a wild tale throughout the political subculture of the country.  Believers insist that a White House insider known as “Q” has been leaving cryptic clues online regarding the secret war that the President is waging against the Deep State.  These clues come in the form of vague questions, and have spawned an enormous online community of amateur sleuths, looking to decipher the diatribes.

Twitter now believes that these online researchers are dangerous, and has begun culling them from the platform en masse.

Twitter announced Tuesday that it has begun taking sweeping actions to limit the reach of QAnon content, banning many of the conspiracy theory’s followers because of problems with harassment and misinformation.

Twitter will stop recommending accounts and content related to QAnon, including material in email and follow recommendations, and it will take steps to limit circulation of content in features like trends and search. The action will affect about 150,000 accounts, said a spokesperson, who asked to remain unnamed because of concerns about the targeted harassment of social media employees.

The Twitter spokesperson also said the company had taken down more than 7,000 QAnon accounts in the last couple weeks for breaking its rules against platform manipulation, spam or ban evasion.

This isn’t the first social media platform to take a stand against QAnon believers, either.

Months ago, Reddit began banning forums discussing the topic as well, pushing many users to the deeper, darker portions of the world wide web in order to discuss the unique phenomenon.

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